Hello everyone!


Welcome to my blog! This is Sahar Alkhelaifi. One of my many hobbies is taking picture and I keep it in here. Most pictures are either the pictures I took, or pictures that I liked and use softwares to edit them. Please feel free to write comments that would help me improve my work.


My first attempt

















Matt Siber is a photogropher who lives and works in Chicago. He also teaches at Columbia College. Most of his work tends to make the viewer focus more on landscapes and skies. He tends to disconnect the logos from signs in his pictures. I personally think it is interesting and this makes him famous for doing something unique as such. He has lots of projects and one of them is Mr. + Mrs. Smith. The pictures them-selfs have a very interesting ideas but, in terms of shooting I cannot call it one of his best projects. I think I like the idea of separating logos better. I loved the one that I attached with the United States flag on it. It has a very clear message “Freedom”. It is very interesting I think that he made it floating like that.




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